(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Pretoria, South Africa, 15th September 2012) Lecture: Initiation talk


There  was a disciple of Srila Prabhupada’s who came in the very beginning and later he was not so strict any more.  He wasn’t following all the rules and so on.  Once on a telephone call the secretary, Tamal Krishna Maharaja, was speaking to this senior devotee who was not following all his vows.

So Prabhupada told Tamal Krishna Maharaja:

‘Tell him that if he doesn’t follow the vows then I will reject him!’

Tamal Krishna Maharaja was shocked, and said to the devotee:

‘Prabhupada said that if you don’t follow the vows, then he will reject you!’

When he put the phone down, Tamal Krishna Maharaja asked Prabhupada:

‘Would you have really rejected him?’

Prabhupada said:

 ‘Of course not.  I just said that to scare him.’

Because Prabhupada was  ever a well wisher – always a well wisher, always.  Like, as a parent, sometimes you tell your son:

’If you don’t shape up then ship out.  I don’t want to see your face again.’

But you don’t mean it since he’s your son!

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