(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Canberra, 2011, SB 9.4.57-59)

If one has committed an offence to a devotee then even Lord Vishnu will not pardon them. Therefore, we must always be careful when dealing with devotees as devotees are not ordinary people. They must always be respected!

This is position of the vaisnava, who will take humble position and in that humble position he gains the favour of the Lord. It is only possible to gain the favour of the Lord through humility.

It is said that the tree which is laden with many fruits naturally bows down. In the same way, the man who has many good qualities will naturally bowl down.

We must be careful! We can always find source for pride, but vaisnavas remind themselves that: No, I have no qualification! And even if we have ability, some talent, then we always remember that this is a gift from the Lord. It’s not our own qualification!

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