(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, South Africa, 17th September 2012)

We have Vaishnavas who say,  “I am made of mercy alone.”

This is a fact, because gradually we change our life.  Gradually we adjust our life little by little.  Of course, the mind is a little reluctant, the senses are pushing, our material desires are holding us back.  Our false ego also holds us back.  There’s some envy, there’s this and that, so all that holds us back.  But gradually, little by little, we become purified.

And then we become transparent.  Then basically we just become the instrument of Krsna.  We adjust our whole life to the will of Krsna.  We only do the work of Krsna, and at that stage, there’s nothing between us and Krsna.  Then there’s a direct connection and everything just flows directly – transcendental knowledge, mercy…

At that stage, one can say, “I am made of mercy alone.”

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