(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2nd October 2012, Cronulla, Australia) Yoga Studio Program

I heard that some of my friends had a party last night in some sort of vegan restaurant, with all kinds of artificial flesh.  That’s okay, it’s vegetarian, there is nothing wrong with it.  But I know one of these restaurants in Singapore, which is probably better than the one they have here down the road.  In Singapore, at a restaurant you can order chicken.  That chicken has everything, it has the skin and the bone but it is completely vegetarian.  By the letter of the law it is perfectly okay, but I don’t know, one day you might say:

‘I’m sick and tired of this imitation thing.  Bring the real chunk, man!’

It’s natural to get that.  So, it’s obvious that if I would be drinking alcohol free  drinks everyday, then one day I could say:

‘Oh, for God sake, just bring the fosters, alright!’

It’s natural and it’s logical.  You know what I am trying to say.  I am not speaking against eating that occasionally, but there is something else – there is also a whole other culture.  There is a  kitchen, there is a more Vedic kitchen which is very rich, tasty and actually an alternative culture to vegetarian hot dogs.  There’s so much more to being a vegetarian, believe it or not.