(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9th October, 2012, Melbourne, Australia) Lecture: SB 1.12.24

Bali Maharaja, by his  determination, received the association of the Lord. So that is interesting because Bali Maharaja is one of our role models and we are also trying to come to that state of giving anything and everything, without expecting anything in return and we are simply ready to face any hardship! Asking for no reward in return, may even mean that difficulties will come but a vaisnava understands:

Krsna is testing me! He is simply testing me to see that now I will not give up my dedication.

It is easy when one is getting all the benefits:

I’m serving Krsna and as a result I’m enjoying so much. He is so kind, He is showering us with blessings!

That is easy when devotional service is a good business deal. Not bad at all. Profit is better than any other deals. But at the time when we engage in devotional service and still hardships come, at that time Krsna is testing us:

How serious are you really? Are you really selfless? Are you really interested in serving Me without asking for anything in return? Are you sure that you don’t want anything in return?             

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