(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9th October, 2012, Melbourne, Australia) Lecture: SB 1.12.24


Yesterday, someone knocked on my door… knock, knock…‘Do you need a massage?’

(KKS) ‘No, thank you very much.’

‘Oh, I’m still not married. Can you help me?’

(KKS) ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I took a vow not to get married!’

I solved that problem. Yes, you may not be married and someone else will come and will say, ‘Oh, I’m married. Can you help me?’

Whether you are married or not married, take shelter of Krsna! Both are a problem, actually. It’s a problem when you are not married and it is also a problem when you are married. But when we are trying to take shelter of Krsna, you try to make the best of it, with any situation, and then take it as it comes.

But you say,‘Yeah but still I want to be married.’

(KKS) ‘No, see what comes. It depends on Krsna!’

And for some people, it doesn’t come. All right then, take shelter of Krsna… it is simply like that… that is the spirit!

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