(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 7th October, 2012, Melbourne, Australia) Lecture: SB 1.12.23


Sometimes, the mercy of Krsna is a little difficult to take but we take it because we realise that we are sinful. So if some difficulty comes, then of course, it must come because we deserve it. It’s clear, we are rascals! Srila Prabhupada made that very clear. The word ‘rascal’ was one of his pet words. Prabhupda liked it a lot and basically he pointed out that we are the rascals!

That is our position. Maybe externally a devotee is now putting tilak but by nature is a rascal! By nature we are inclined to rascaldom. Even Prabhupada started this word rascaldom. Prabhupada was an expert on that topic and made a whole science out of it. You could start a department in university, study of rascaldom, like a PhD in rascaldom. Yes, there are many who have perfected the art of rascaldom, including us!


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