(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 10th October, Sydney, Australia) University Program

So, it says that mantras lift us up, reconnect us with the internal energy, free us from temporary identification that we picked up in association with matter and bring us back to our original self. Whatever that may be, as we are beginning to discover our original self… there is an identity. This is our fundamental nature that begins to re-emerge and the result is that we feel that we’ve become peaceful… we’ve become satisfied and we’ve become free from anxiety. As long as we are in an external role, there is anxiety.

In University, there is anxiety connected to it because you are supposed to live up to a role. Everyone is trying to fit in. To some extent we do but to some extent we don’t and we hope that the profile we cut is a convincing profile. So life is a lot about a convincing profile and then we hope that we are not going to be exposed!

Mantra brings us away from any artificial profile and rules us in our true self. In that way, one becomes totally relaxed and on a personal level. On a social level, gradually the mantra frees us from any façade and facilitates us in entering into real relationships. On a cosmic level, the mantra reconnects us with the spiritual origin of everything which in our tradition refers to as ‘the all attractive.’

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