(HH Kadamaba Kanana Swami, 10th October, Melbourne, Australia) University Program 

The other day, I was in a discussion on various arguments for the possible existence of God. One of the arguments is a psychological argument. It is based on the concept of needs, like whenever we have a need then on all levels we find an answer to that need.

Nietzsche mentions that: Somehow or other, to feel more comfortable, man had to create a God.

Pascal mentions that: If there was a God then there certainly would be a need to invent Him.

So, there is this recognition by various philosophers about inherent spiritual needs. If it’s not filled with God in a traditional culture, then maybe it’s filled in a more modern culture with something like acoustic consciousness, and that again is a spiritual need. So the spiritual  need has been re-emerging in the world again and again in different cultures and also in our modern day culture, in it’s existence of  some form or another.

The essence of spirituality is the all attractive. The essence of what in traditional culture is called, God is the all attractive, is where one enters into a higher state of consciousness and experiences that unknown potential.

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