(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban, South Africa, 21st September 2012) Lecture: SB 11. 31. 22-23


There are two sides – two visions simultaneously. When Gopakumar came to Tapo-loka, he came to the abode where all the residents are absorbed in meditation, and they always mediate on Krsna. Gopakumar was not satisfied – he wanted to see Krsna. So they said:

Why do you want to see Krsna? Don’t you understand that the eye is simply capturing a picture  and a signal is sent to the mind, and therefore seeing is really happening in the mind! And if you simply meditate on the Lord in the mind all the time, then you’ll always see the Lord! So there is absolutely no need to see the Lord with your eyes. You just see Him with the mind!’

But Gopakumar (although he couldn’t really argue with that logic) felt something was missing. He felt it was not complete. Because Gopakumar wanted simultaneously to always see the Lord in his heart in meditation, and simultaneously drink the nectar of seeing the Lord with his eyes! Although the devotees deep in their hearts know that the Lord has not disappeared, and that He is always there, still they feel the greatest separation, the greatest suffering now that they cannot see Him with their eyes.

So both faculties are there simultaneously. It is not a complication. It’s like you always see Him in the heart, and yet you completely feel the separation of not seeing Him. As the Gopis chant (in Srimad Bhagavatam):

‘Lord Brahma, why didn’t He make millions of eyes? Why only two and they blink as well!’


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