(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Pretoria Arts Campus, Pretoria, South Africa, 14th September 2012) Lecture: The perfect soul mate – Where to look


There was a movie called ’Shangri-La,’ and it’s a story about a valley somewhere in the Himalayas.  And there are these people who lived there and they always stayed young and beautiful.  A man goes into the mountain and by accident walks into this valley, and the people receive him and everything is wonderful!  But after a while he gets a little homesick and thinks about the people he left behind, and he thinks:

’I would like to visit them and tell them about this amazing place.  If only I could tell the world!’

So he decides to leave Shangri-La, and he goes out of the valley.  As he comes out of the valley the ageing that didn’t happen to him all this time that he was there, suddenly happens!  Then you see all these lines on his face.  He gets old within 10 seconds and within one minute, he is old!  It’s scary.

The same thing happens to us.  Just take a picture of yourself once a month and then put these all next to each other.  After a while the bags start showing, and hair starts growing where it shouldn’t be growing, and all kinds of things – that’s old age!  What shall we say?  So, do you love your beautiful princess who has  grown old?  Now what? Is it still love?  You tolerate it, and then there is another beautiful young girl moving in next door, and the mind starts to wonder.  Then he goes to that girl next door.  You’ll still love him after that?  The rat!

You can see how the world is full of elements that we don’t want.  We want to be eternally beautiful, we want to be eternally young, but that’s only possible in the spiritual world, and not here.  So our desires have their roots in the spiritual world, and therefore what we are looking for in this world is not available here – it’s available in the spiritual world!

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