(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, 7th October 2012 ) Lecture: SB 1.12.23


The lowest form of spirituality is based on fear.  Therefore we see that the lowest level of worship are the Saktas, the Durga worshipers, because they try to pacify Durga Devi.

We also see Kali – the tongue, and skulls…garland of skulls, and so many weapons and blood – very ghastly. This is the material nature which shows its blood-thirsty ghastly form. This one dies, that one dies – accident, disease, horrible violence! Pacify that material nature.  Pacify that deity and make an offering:  You want blood? We’ll give you goat.  Don’t take my child, take the goat. You want blood? We’ll give you blood, but not my blood.

So this is the idea of pacifying a vicious deity, and that is Sakta worship, and that is behind Durga worship. So this is the lower form of worship based on fear.  We must understand that it is based on fear of the harsh feature of material nature!

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