Kadamba Kanana Swami arrived in South Africa on Tuesday (20 November) together with Sri Giriraja. He spent three days in Cape Town which was more of a transit stay-over as his flight was routed via the city. Even though a short visit, it was still nectar-filled for all those who got his association. Maharaja exhibited no signs of fatigue or jet-lag as he reciprocated with the “full-house” that turned up on Wednesday evening for the one and only program that he did.

His lecture centered on the importance of getting mercy and how the success of our spiritual lives depends on it. He also encouraged enthusiasm in endeavouring for mercy and said that if one desires mercy then the opportunity will come to get it! One of the devotees described Maharaja’s spirit, “His mood was quite deep but casual. You know how he is. He gets deep and serious, then cracks a joke and everyone is in ecstasy but the point is solidified, like that…”

Listen to the KKS Evening-talk 21-nov-2012 capetown


On Friday, Maharaja headed-off to Durban where he intends to spend most of his time as he continues his recovery to optimal health.

If you cannot view the slide-show, then kindly visit flickr.



  1. I haven’t heard much about Kadamba Kanana Swami but now ill make sure to read your blog more often.Seems very interesting after hearing the audio.Thanks for it