Out with the ‘old’ and in with the new. The new & improved kksblog is available to you. We hope you like the new design and we keep improving the blog the coming months. All for you, so that you may enjoy reading new articles, listen to classes, watch videos and photos. To increase your sacred space.

So what’s new?

Obviously the design and layout have changed and so has the navigation menu. Also the sidebar is different and on the bottom of the page, the footer, you can find more useful menu’s and other info. The footer will change more the coming weeks. We cannot detail all changes so we highlight a few important ones that you should check out.

New Homepage

A big image slider with the latest posts. A featured post in full size. And a two-column layout for the other posts. Clear, concise and easy on the eyes. Less is more. And yes, the slider changes height according to the image. We are still working on that.

Navigation menu

As you can see the navigation menu has changed. The first 5 items; audio, photos, video, writings and more all relate to posts. Clicking on the audio item will show all the posts that contain audio media like mp3’s. The video item will show all posts with videos in them, and so do the other items.

The more item shows a submenu with more items like archive, timeline, travel post, etc. Try them out if you like

The last items on the menu are downloads and upload. The download page offers downloadable books and other media. This page will be expanded in the coming months. And now you can send your files directly to us on the upload page. If you have photos, audio or other media files from Kadamba Kanana Swami or Jayadvaita Swami then send them to us.


As you can see on the right the sidebar has changed. The most important change is the Post Tab. Now you can quickly see the most popular posts, latest post and latest comments all in one place. Check it out.

More items will be added to the sidebar in the future. The sidebar is dynamic and the content can change depending on which page you are visiting. For example the Cart will show up on shopping pages.

Author & Social Box

Below each article you will find the author box. Here you can read a small bio from the author of the article. Nice and personal.

And below that you will find the Social box. Yes, you can find us everywhere.

Last notes

A lot more has changed; The speed of the website should be improved, new logo, different newsletter and 100 more changes that you don’t see. We hope you like it.




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  1. Gandharva d.d. on

    Hari Hari Hari.
    All glories to H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami.
    As a well-wisher of Maharaja, I would like to congratulate you on the updated site. It really looks good. I like and appreciate all the little extra touches like the “Author” box, that you have put in – it makes it very interesting reading.
    Your servant,
    Cape Town