(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Amsterdam, 23rd August 2012) Lecture: Part 2 – SB 4.29.55


Big cities have many levels of people. We can get in on many levels. You see how Devamrita Maharaja started his loft program, or urban yoga as he calls it sometimes, and it was successful in many places. Well that’s something to take note of, obviously.  So we can reach out to different people by different approaches but we need a dynamic approach.

Some have said that a lot of preaching is much easier outside the temple, e.g. to go to people’s homes. Go to their home because you will find that amongst their friends, there maybe some who are on the same wavelength as you. In this way, you will really reach many people. So home programs are powerful preaching. You take people from the Sunday feast and instead of just going week after week with the same people to the same Sunday feast, you say: ‘Now we want to do a program in the house of everybody.’

That is our endeavour and every week we will go to someone’s house program!

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