(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 21st November 2012, Cape Town, South Africa)

I have very little capacity when it comes to sādhana-bhakti or devotional service in practice. My capacity is not very great.

That is of course not uncommon because after all:

‘prāyeṇālpāyuṣaḥ sabhya
kalāv asmin yuge janāḥ
mandāḥ sumanda-matayo
manda-bhāgyā hy upadrutāḥ,’ (SB 1.1.10)

It says that in the age of Kali, everyone’s capacity is very small and everyone is always disturbed. So I’m trying not to be. I’m trying to absorb myself in thoughts of Krsna and in remembering that Krsna is the Supreme Lord. I’m trying to remember that the material world is not really important. I’m trying to remember that whatever happens here is very secondary. So, all the so-called ups and downs in life, I’m trying to remember that they are actually very insignificant. The real thing is the spiritual world and whatever goes on in my relationship with Krsna is what I’m trying to remember. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes I’m remembering with great relish and great inspiration. Sometimes I’m remembering while the waves of material existence are tossing me around, I’m still remembering but also feeling the intensity of the waves of the material life, and in this way, I’m remembering Krsna at different points in time.

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