(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Czech Republic, 21st June 2012)

Some things have not changed. Krsna hasn’t changed! Prabhupada hasn’t changed! Devotional service hasn’t changed! Like that, we can still connect again as soon as we are with the devotees.

You know of Prabhupada’s disciples and not everyone continued to follow so strictly. It was also not so easy because in 1977, when Prabhupada left this planet, many of his disciples were still young and they spent their whole lives in separation of their spiritual master. So it’s not so easy and then younger generation took over and sometimes they felt like strangers in their own movement! It can be like that when you’ve been around for a long time and you are the last one of your generation… everyone is new and you’re still walking around… and you begin to feel like a dinosaur but dinosaurs are extinct and you are a living dinosaur!? So yes, some of them felt like that and for whatever reasons, not everyone was always following so strictly.

But some years ago there was a reunion at the Bhaktivedanta Manor for all devotees who in the past had been part of the British yatra and even George Harrison came. All the devotees came and the amazing thing was that for some of them, it was as though they had never left! For those days of the reunion, it was exactly the same like it used to be when they all lived together in the temple.



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