(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24th October 2012, Vrndavan, India) Lecture: “Rama-Vijaya, Nama-Vijaya”

Aindra was interested in the rasika side. I remember we had an American sankirtan leader in Vrndavan for a little while.  His name was Yogish Chandra Prabhu and he  gave a sankirtan lecture in the temple when he said: ‘Any man who doesn’t go out on sankirtan is not a man, he is a woman!’

Aindra wasn’t there at that lecture but Aindra commented on that lecture and he said: ‘Well, some of us don’t mind being women.’

So, it became a whole thing and Yogi (Yogish Chandra) as we used to call him,  marched into Aindra’s room… bang, bang, bang… ‘Aindra, open the door!’ Then he said: ‘Aindra?’

(Aindra) ‘Yes.’

(Yogish Chandra) ‘Aindra, you got to know one thing. I am a gopi too!’

So we certainly had that special Vrndavan flavour!

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