(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Czech Republic, 21st June 2012)


Hayagriva went to see Prabhupada. He was sitting with Prabhupada for a long time and he said: [quote]You know, it’s just like the good old days.[/quote]

Prabhupada said: [quote]There are no good old days. The present is equally good… it’s always good![/quote]

Just as Narottama Das Thakura thought that he came too late, we may also think: [quote]Oh, no we missed out. What if we were too late or our search for Krsna consciousness is too late!?[/quote]

We can also think: [quote]We just missed Prabhupada![/quote]

Yes, we can think like that but the truth is actually not like that because even now the same mercy is here. Nothing has changed!

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