(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 16 December 2012, Phoenix, South Africa)


kks_phoenix RY_QALife after life, we live in forgetfulness of the bigger picture. Instead of (becoming) mahatma or great minded souls, we become ksudratma, small minded and preoccupied with petty little things. So many things to get excited about, worried about or desiring to have them, to enjoy them…

In Bhagavatam, in the eleventh canto this topic comes up. The sages assembled before Lord Brahma and asked Brahma some questions that were on their mind. And the question was asked: How is it that the mind goes in to things and things go in to the mind? And don’t they!? So many things, we are carrying around. So many things preoccupy our thoughts and narrow down the mind until we become small minded.

As the mind becomes absorbed in matter, in material things, gradually circles begin to form and the circles narrow down. We gradually become captured by these things. Our consciousness becomes taken over.

Hare Krsna maha mantra cuts right through, cuts through layers of forgetfulness. For how long have we forgotten? When was the last time that we thought about of goal of the life?

Yes, for so long we forgot, we spend our time surviving. But who is surviving? Nobody did it so far. But, truth of the matter is that the goal of the life is to use every moment, every moment to become elevated!



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