(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 7 October 2012, Melbourne, Australia)

Michael Jackson was made of plastic! He was not real; he tried to look young by many operations. When you get old, skin gets loose and starts to hang. That is why you get so many wrinkles. So what they do, they pull it back; face-lift it is called. You can go again on the outside but inside, it is old… finished, just disguised! Micheal Jackson was made of plastic surgery… a plastic man but Krsna is young, really young, always fresh and never affected.

Therefore, if we are simply exploring the life of Krsna and the qualities of Krsna then we see that he has all the attributes that are to be ascribed to God! We have atheists stuck on the question: Is there a God or is there no God? We have some arguments and one argument is the pragmatic argument!

The pragmatic argument is: judge things by results. So if you believe that you are of biochemical origin then what is the point of life? What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of everything? If it is just chemicals, you all are chemicals, I am chemicals then what is the meaning of anything? What is the meaning of morality? If I believe that I am of biochemical origin then I need a drink to just forget the misery, I am going to die and life is pointless. It is not a happy philosophy, look at the result!

Evolution!? So you just came about by chance and you are going to also die by chance then what is the meaning of life? So, it becomes depressing. That is why, we see in modern times so much depression! What is the point? What are we doing? Working like slaves has no meaning. We have to see the consequences of an idea and that is the pragmatic argument – judge by the result! We see that Krsna consciousness offers a positive outlook and there is no loss for all the devotional service that is done and that for the devotee, nothing is bad about it… it only gets better! So devotees can be optimistic and have something positive to look forward to!

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