(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 3 October, Sydney, Australia, Bhagavad-gita class)

Question: Lot of the time, you speak about having taste in spiritual life. I have read that taste can be developed by someone who is free from material hankering. So, how to be free from material hankering?

Freedom from material hankering begins when we turn to Krsna. We are not completely free from material hankering but a little free! You know that when we stop at the temple, it means that we are not totally materialistic but we are also a little interested in spiritual life. Then, when we see Radha Gopinatha, we feel something and we see that they are wonderful and have such a powerful presence!

Meanwhile, we are not free from material desire but you have a taste and sit in kirtan. Next week, you are having a twelve-hour kirtan with Madhava and Sacinandana Maharaja, both of them do very nice kirtans! Oh, so sweet… so nice… so deep… and other times, when you are in Pitt street (famous shopping street in Sydney) and you find that also exciting.

Yah… so what to do!? Caught between both worlds but there is attraction to Krsna and there is taste but it is not very deep yet. But gradually, by serving Krsna we become purified and then the attachment grows and taste goes deeper and deeper until the taste becomes so strong that it just takes over! Everything else looks meaningless and bleak and you let it go. You want only Krsna: kecit kevalaya bhaktaya vasudeva parayanah

Only Krsna, only vasudev… everything else, no thanks… you want some chocolate, no! Just give me some of that mahaprasadam burfi because that is pure consciousness! Some chocolates from some factory… I am not really sure if Srila Prabhupada is really in favour of the chocolate, so forget it… only mahaprasadam, like that!

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