(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 7 October 2012, Melbourne, Australia)

Commonly in most traditions, God is accepted as all powerful, all knowing, timeless, ageless, beyond matter and not affected by it – eternal, in other words. We have a concept of God who has no limitation, who is not limited by anything. He is unlimited in all respects. But if God was limited then the question would be: What is the limiting factor? What limits him?

Well, if you say he is limited by time then you get competition between God and time! Then time becomes more powerful than God so if you limit him by time then that is the problem. If you limit him by intelligence then you put intelligence above him, therefore a greater force than him. That poses a logic problem so therefore it is quite logical that if there is God then he would be unlimited and also eternal.

We are looking at that and if he is unlimited, he would also be all knowing and all powerful. He would have all qualities and his qualities would be unlimited. Indeed, in Krsna consciousness, we find that the definition of an unlimited personality makes sense because then there is no competition with anything that is greater than him.

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