(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2 June 2012, Srimad Bhagavatam 5.13.5)

Suppose someone would remember how he was a meat-eater in the last life, and didn’t become an animal and now is again in a human birth. Well, then you should think that this human birth is just a step in between, he still has an animal birth waiting for him. Sometimes you see karma is an interesting cocktail. You may remember the story of King Nrga in the Krsna book who was such a pious king, but somehow or other by accident he gave the same cow twice to the brahmanas, and for that he got a reaction. At the end of his life he was asked:

‘What do you want first, the reaction to your pious or to your impious activities?’

He chose the impious and then he became a lizard first. If he would have first gotten the reaction to his pious activities, because there were many, then he would have first gotten many wonderful births, and then in the end he would have been a lizard, if he would have chosen it the other way round. So that’s also possible that there is still a animal birth waiting behind, maybe a few animal births, because in each human birth again eating meat, so it piles up the animal births. So like that, first maybe the result of pious activities which held up the result of the impious activities


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