(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 7 October 2012, Melbourne, Australia, Lecture at Bhakti Bhavana)

flowerWhen we are walking, we put weight from one leg onto the other leg. First it is on my left leg, in the back and then I move one foot to the front and put it down. But there is no weight on it yet and slowly I move the other half of my body forward and the weight goes on the other leg.

So, if one leg is our material life, the material side and the other is the spiritual side, gradually we are transferring weight from the material side to the spiritual side. In the beginning, when we are practicing spiritual life, all the weight is still on the material side and the result is that spiritual life is a struggle. Krsna looks far away… Krsna looks almost like a dream and spiritual world looks like a nice story but what does it really have to do with real life?

Gradually, more weight goes on the spiritual side and the reality of Krsna and spiritual world just becomes closer and more real. At one point, weight is all on the spiritual leg and there is no more weight on the material leg which is now left behind! Although this material leg is still here as we are in the material world, we are living here, we are working here, and we are eating and sleeping here, but our heart is there in the spiritual world.

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