(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Srimad Bhagavatam 4.28.55)


killer-whaleAll of our services are serving that noble mission of that noble Lord. Because the service is noble, it is easy to perform. Because it touches the heart, it is easy to do. If there is a noble cause then we feel called for it. If we can save the whales, then yes, we are ready for it. Let us go and save the whales and knock on the doors and say, ’Please give for the whales.’

But to really save the whales takes more than just a knock on someone’s door and collecting some money because the whales have to be saved from themselves. You think that you are going to save him by knocking on the door with a list and say, ‘Please give a donation to save the whale?’

You think that money will solve all problems. Prabhupada said, ‘It is your Western disease. When you have a problem; you throw some money at it and you think you solved the problem.’ But that does not really solve the problem because the problem is deeply rooted in the heart.

The whale is impure; the whale is hard-hearted; the whale is wallowing in selfishness; roaming around in selfishness – that is the nature of the whale. If we really want to take up this mission, to deliver all living beings of the universe, then you got something to do therefore you will never feel a lack devotional service, never!

Even when we have been around for years, we will always struggle deep down in our heart; we will still have resistance until the day comes when we take up this noble mission. Until we appreciate this noble mission, until we really start to think about it – it’s really wonderful that Krsna is trying to deliver all the living beings in this in world and that I can also help a little bit in this mission.

That is where devotional service suddenly becomes inspiring. That is the thing that can capture our heart! Nothing else can do it actually. Nothing else can make us into a servant no matter how much we act; yes, we may act like a butler, “Yes Krsna, here is your salt, here is your garland and fresh water with tulasi devi grown for you in the greenhouse with this special warm lamps… for you, for your pleasure Krsna.”

But we are still looking for our own pleasure also, again and again. But when we get so absorbed in taking up that noble mission then whatever little bit of comfort we are taking is simply there to keep us going. It is simply there to keep us going in this mission because the mission is so great that one can exhaust all one’s energy in this mission!



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