(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 18 May 2012, Melbourne, Australia, Lecture at Bhakti Bhavana)



It is so hard to do good things. You think you are doing good but it is so complicated to do good. It is so difficult to determine what is good and what is bad. Something looks extremely good and then after a while, you see, “Oh no! It was no good after all.”

Modern ethics are always falling short. In general, you have an idea that it is good – to give to the poor. A lot of people would agree. But it is not necessarily so as many people will misuse it.

But whatever Krsna says, that is guaranteed. If you take the Bhagavad-gita then you are sure. It is so nice to live by the Gita; it takes us all away from this mental platform – deciding is it right or wrong!?

You see in Delhi railway station, you see everywhere on the walls: ABORTION and a telephone number. So it’s going on, right? It is a good thing or bad thing, tell me?

Devotee: It depends.

Maharaja: Depends, ha?

Devotee: If you don’t want and you can’t give a good life to the child, it is better to not bring it into this world.

Maharaja: But how do you know what you can give to the child? You cannot be sure because maybe that child will get some blessing. Maybe the child is born in a very poor family by the side of the road and maybe I decided to drive past and pay for the education of the child.

So how do you know? Bhagavad-gita clarifies it completely, if we stick with that then NO PROBLEM. Krsna takes the responsibility. And of course in scriptures, the abortion is not allowed. By the scriptures, everyone who paints this kind of things on the wall is sharing the karma, even the person who takes the call, the receptionist, shares the karma. Everyone!


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