(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 4 January 2013, Ladysmith, South Africa)

Sri Mati Tulasi DeviPrabhupada’s disciple Govinda Dasi, planted tulasi in the West. She brought seeds from India and managed to sprout them and the first tulasi plants in the West started to grow. Prabhupada was so happy! He said, ‘You brought tulasi from India to the West; this is wonderful! You have been blessed for this forever!’

And such a service she did. Govinda Dasi is remembered for the one who brought tulasi to the West; it was quite something. Now of course, everywhere we have tulasi but again, it was through Prabhupada, it was Prabhupada’s disciples! Prabhupada brought us all these things; that is our shelter. If we never walk around tulasi, then that’s not so auspicious. By walking around tulasi devi:

‘yani kani cha papani
brahma-hatyadikani cha
tani tani pranashyanti
pradakshinaha pade pade,’ (Sri Tulasi Pradaksina Mantra)

By circumambulating (tulasi), step-by-step we are being purified from so many sinful reactions and even serious offences. Even the most serious offence like the killing of a brahmana – couldn’t be more serious than that – but even from that one can become purified by circumambulating tulasi devi. So all these things are just part of our life and yes, everywhere we keep tulasi and water tulasi. So there is our vaisnava culture. Every devotee must take care of tulasi!

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