(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 6 January 2013, Lenasia, South Africa, Sunday Feast Lecture)

holy-prayerAnd they say, “Yeah, I want to be (initiated). You know, I’m trying… but the relationship with my Guru is not really going anywhere. I mean, you know, he doesn’t talk to me so much.”

No! Again, the responsibility is with the disciple. The disciple has to do service for the Guru. The disciple has to be eager. And for first initiation, the Guru may tell you a few times, “Why don’t you get initiated?” That’s about it. It must come from you. You have to push it.

For the second initiation, you’re not supposed to push. You’re supposed to wait until the senior devotees award it to you. But for the first one, you have to push for it. And if you don’t, no one is going give it to you. You have to show eagerness, “I want it. When can I be initiated?”

“Well, maybe you should prepare a little more.”

And then, “Awww, I couldn’t be initiated in five minutes?”

“No, now we’re testing you. Now, we are watching. Are you serious?”

So yes, it is up to you. “Yeah but I don’t know which spiritual master to choose. You know, maybe this one. Maybe that one.”

Anyway, if you’re sick, you don’t say, “I don’t know which doctor to choose.”

You’re gonna go to one, right? If you’ve got pain, you’re gonna go to a doctor. And you find one that well, you know, that’s good but not too expensive and not too far away. So, find a spiritual master who is good and not too expensive and not too far away!

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    Wonderful post ! I love the idea and the depth 🙂


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