(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 4 January 2013, Ladysmith, South Africa)

08Someone went through difficulties and then blamed Krsna. That is an offence, that we cannot do, that means that we have become so emotional that we forgot transcendental knowledge!

Therefore, when we are not in such an emotional state then we have to hear transcendental knowledge because when we are emotional, it is difficult to hear. At that time, we cannot hear philosophy. But if we hear philosophy at other times then at the time when we become overwhelmed by emotions, due to difficult circumstances, then we remember that philosophy.

Therefore, we should hear it regularly. That is the thinking; we should hear the Gita regularly. It’s nice to hear it once or twice. What shall we say? It’s purifying. But if we hear it regularly then it becomes very much part of our thinking and then at the time when we get overwhelmed by the material circumstances, alright we still feel overwhelmed but we also know that.

In the background, the Gita is there and that it helps when we are struggling with very strong emotions so that we don’t become swept away by them. Even though the emotions maybe very strong, we still have an anchor. So this is very important.

Therefore in some temples, we have started regular courses on the Bhagavad-gita and other scriptures. We study them systematically and that is actually very helpful. I know one temple where all devotees were partaking the Bhakti-sastri course and because they are all working people, they would do it only on Saturday. So it doesn’t go so quick but they go to it and sometimes even on a weekday in the evening, but such kind of studies are very helpful. We should know that this is giving us strength!



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