(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 December 2012, Durban, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 12.6.4)

8365583620_18801f1dcbEverything is not only emanating from Krsna, ishvara parama krsna, sacidananda vigraha, but everything is also meant for Krsna. The purpose of everything is for Krsna. Nothing that exists is for any other purpose. Everything exists for the purpose of pleasing Krsna and that is our understanding. We also exist for the purpose of pleasing Krsna.

So, when we want to do anything else, then its nonsense! That is simply what it is. Of course, it may be that we want to do something else and it is a little difficult for us to accept that it is nonsense but that is the truth! At least philosophically, we begin to contemplate like this because it is nonsense in the sense that it will not bring any lasting results. It will bring only temporary results – happiness and distress. So what is the point? Anything that will not bring any lasting results is nonsense.

You see on the beach, they build all these things in the sand. They are good you know. Some nice things; some horrible things also. We have been walking there these last few days to get some exercise. I have been studying what is there. You know, from whatever people make, psychologists do psycho analysis on the consciousnesses of the person.

Well, there were typical African things; lions and so on. But one man, he made a car, it is going totally like more urban. Then another man, he had a horrible one; he made a man whose head was just bitten off by a crocodile. It’s like quite creative; a man was lying on the beach with the cellphone and so on.

So, there is a different state of consciousness. I guess he was looking more at the ghastly feature of material energy, as some are worshiping Kali in order to pacify. I think, he is more a shakta, in the mood of a shakta, one who is seeing the ghastliness of material energy and contemplating how to pacify that material energy. So, different states of consciousness are displayed in the temporary creations of sand on the beach. How long do they last!? Beautiful art but very temporary!. Very temporary! So, that is why these things are nonsense!



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