(Kadamba Kanana Swami, December 2012, Phoenix, South Africa, Ratha Yatra)


chilliKrsna’s mercy is available to all; the envious or non-envious. Krsna is merciful. However, for the envious, that mercy of the Krsna takes another form than it does for the devotee. Just like Kamsa, for example. For the envious, the mercy of Krsna comes in the form of chastising, comes in the form of pain. And that is not the kind of mercy that a devotee is interested in.

It is said that Krsna revealed his knowledge to Arjuna because he (Arjuna) was not envious. It is also said that this transcendental knowledge is known by those who are perfectly truthful devotees. For non-envious persons, Krsna is available. Devotees can attract Krsna. It is said that krsna prema or love for Krsna, has one characteristic known as sri krsna-akarsani, that it can attract Krsna and that’s actually the power of a devotee.

A devotee is always in the heart of Krsna and Krsna is always in heart of his devotee! In this way, both are drawn to each other. Krsna is drawn to his devotee who serves him and he is purchased. Therefore he feels compelled to reveal himself. That is the kind of mercy that we are interested in.


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