KKS_Jan 2012 (2)The final days in South Africa were spent in the Johannesburg region. At the Sunday program in Lenasia (6 January 2013), Maharaja gave an inspirational lecture for the new year.

After a day of rest, he visited the temple in Pretoria on Tuesday evening. The program was dominated by a long bhajan session which got everybody on their feet and dancing. In the short lecture that followed, Maharaja spoke about the ecstasy of kirtan. He also gave a class on Wednesday morning and spent some time thereafter speaking to devotees.

And thus ends Maharaja’s stay in SA as he travels onto Europe.



The final audio recordings and photos are included below.

KKS _Jaya Radha Madhava and Kirtan_Lenasia_SA_06 January 2013

KKS_Sunday Feast Lecture_Lenasia_SA_06 January 2013

KKS_Blazing Kirtana_PTA_SA_ 8 January 2012

KKS_Short lecture_PTA_SA_8 January 2012

KKS_SB 1.9.27_Pretoria_SA_9 January 2012


If you cannot view the slide-show below then visit flickr.

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  1. Hare Krishna Maharaj,

    My respectful obeisances unto your lotus feet.

    I want to thank you for the reading in the Amsterdam tempel in the Netherlands. I was touched by your summary of the Bg. Especially the part about vaisnava’s, that they are powered so they can make devotees and the part about that there was so little God in de world. I had to crie, I thought people have to know more about God. Thank you for traveling to Amsterdam, so we where blessed by you association :).