(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 14 July 2012, Modra, Slovakia, Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.1)

All throughout history, people have tried to impress other people. Some men have been wearing very high hats. Some ladies have been wearing very high heels. In some ways, people have tried to impress each other, generation after generation. Are we any different? Same thing all over again. This one has a beautiful T-shirt, that one a far-out tattoo. This one has very tight clothes. Yes, we are trying to impress but the center is the body.

It is said that the happiness of the body is very limited. Many of us we know that but then again maybe we don’t know that. It seems that part of us knows it, and the other part really maybe doesn’t know it. We are attracted to Krsna. Yes, we are these people. Everyone is looking at us Hare Krsnas and some people are thinking,‘Crazy!’

And maybe they are right, but then again we are having a good time, because we like Krsna and we know that Krsna is spiritual, we know that his body is not material, it is never tired, it is not influenced by time. Krsna can eat unlimited and He does not  become fat, it’s convenient. You never see Krsna running around the block, trying to stay fit. Krsna is always fresh!

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