(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 January 2013, Radhadesh, Belgium, Caitanya Caritamtra 21.54)

154412_466563746185_198227841185_6327054_3016729_nThe total manifestation of all the worlds and energies that exist are all providing for different living beings who have developed different mentalities. Just like the Padma Purana, an older edition is mentioning that in the age of Kali there will be four bonafide sampradayas. Modern editions of the Padma Purana don’t show that verse. It has been edited out by someone but the four sampradayas are described as bonafide in the Padma Purana. They are bona-fide because they are all offering an eternal destination and in that way they are bona-fide. However, it doesn’t mean that they all have the deepest understanding or the complete understanding of the absolute truth. Some of the bona-fide sampradayas do not have the proper understanding about Krsna. They don’t understand that he is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead. They have no idea that he is the ‘ādi-puruṣam’ and from him everything emanates!

Some within the bonafide sampradayas may think that Krsna is incarnation of Visnu, which is obviously not correct. We find sometimes other elements in some of these bonafide sampradayas which we do not accept. For example, Laxmi is referred to as ’jiva-tattva’ in the Madhva sampradaya and that just knocks out a whole concept that the Lord has an eternal consort which makes rasa a little complicated, if you look at it. So some tattva, when there is a misunderstanding, can really be obstructive! Laxmi, a jiva but what about the Lord and his eternal consort? That is certainly a complication. So even within the four sampradayas, there are huge philosophical differences and certainly from our perspective.

On some details, they haven’t got it right but it doesn’t matter; we are not making a big issue about it. We are not declaring war on them for their misconceptions. We have a common enemy. It is like that at a time of war, you get what we call ‘monster alliance’ where countries come together to defend against a common enemy. So, we have a common enemy amongst these four sampradayas. Of course, every devotee is quite aware of who the common enemy is, it is the mayavadis. Our favourite pastime is targeting the mayavadis. We see that this is a tradition in our line that whenever the opportunity arises, we have another go at them! Because impersonalism is diametrically opposed to devotional service. Those who are adhered to the philosophy maya or illusion, they are basically saying that, ‘Krsna is maya. His form is illusion. Goloka-Vrndavan is maya… that is illusion and devotional service is illusion as well.’

Well, then you have basically taken away everything that has any meaning to us. Those are the three things that have meanings to us – devotional service, spiritual world, and Krsna Himself!

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