(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30 June 2012, Cape Town, South Africa)

I saw a mathematician, Stephan Unwin, who wrote a book. He was a professional consultant for insurance companies and a big name in that world. His business was risk calculation. In his whole life, he did nothing else but mathematical chance calculations. So he wrote a book where he did a chance calculation about the existence of God or not, and he came to a 69% for the existence. It’s a high percentage so there is something.

A lot of scientists don’t believe in evolution anymore. There was a manifesto where a few who signed were the more informed scientists who rejected evolution. So (the concept of) intelligent design is popular. A lot of people believe in intelligent design. So, it is going up and down but ultimately the Vedas says phalena paricīyate, judge by the result. Everyone has his own reality but what do you think?

What is the reality of a man who lives by hijacking cars? And the reality of one who lives by the Bhagavad-gita? If you live a life of hijacking cars, you live a life of total anxiety. You live a life where at every moment you think that you can be caught or killed… you live on the edge of death! Basically at any moment, someone could get you and you know it and you’re ready, always. You sleep at night with your AK47, you are ready.

Whereas when you are working as a well-wisher of all within a divine group; seeing it as a whole divine arrangement and you are worshiping, then you are working as a well-wisher of all, then you can become very peaceful and satisfied and you feel like, ‘I have some protection. I’m okay… whatever happens… even if my body will die, my soul is protected.’ Then we have a happier state of consciousness. So judge by the results. Everyone can believe what he wants to believe, but judge by the result.

If I say, ‘I am only chemicals. I’m a bunch of chemicals.’ Then that’s pretty depressing. But now that I sort of think, ‘I’m more than just this body. I’m an eternal soul. I’m not worried.’

Then I feel really good, quite relaxed! So every outlook in life has a particular result for the person. So one who lives by the vision of the Bhagavad-gita is actually experiencing a better standard of life – more happiness and that we consider as confirmation. If it’s a confirmation that it works, then I’ll buy into it.

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