(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 31 December 2012, Cape Town, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 8.7.4)

Jai_JagannathaThere is a story which describes a man who got hit by a vehicle. It was a mini-bus with twenty-five people in the bus and due to the impact, his head rolled-off! Somehow such things happen karmically. In his last life, he was a king who executed twenty-five innocent people and now the same people got him! So karma creates these kinds of situations.

Somehow this family all left. Of course, that devotee family, they had a very auspicious day because they had all been involved in the Ratha Yatra and the driver – he was the pujari of Lord Jagannatha on the chariot. So the whole day, he had seen those eyes of Lord Jagannatha. As he went home, he came off the highway and went on the exit and someone came in the opposite direction. And I think when those headlights were coming at him, shining in his eyes, it must have been the big round eyes of Lord Jagannatha! I think so, there is a good chance because they were doing a lot of service regularly in the temple. So in that way, they may have driven on to the spiritual world. We can’t always see what happens.

I have one disciple from South Africa who stays in Vrndavan. His father passed away of cancer and then within a day or two, one of the pujaris in the ashrama had a dream. In this dream, a man comes on a bullock cart and he comes to the Krsna Balarama temple, goes up to the brahmacari ashrama, wakes up the pujari who is sleeping – he is still really sleeping but in the dream he wakes up – and he tells him, ‘Tell so and so that I’m all right.’ And he leaves. The pujari sees him going and sees him jump on the bullock cart and drives out of the gate.

The pujari didn’t know him but because he (the father) gave the name, the pujari went to that devotee and said, ‘I just had a dream tonight and it was your father.’ And pujari described how he looked and the devotee said, ‘That is my father.’ And he just laughed.

So sometimes, you get these messages with these things. Krsna looks after – that is a clear indication – Krsna is looking after them so he has them already on his bullock cart in Vrndavan. No problem, everything is fine!


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