KKS in Cape TownKadamba Kanana Swami spent the last week in Cape Town, South Africa (19-27 March) and during that time participated in several preaching programs.

On most days during his stay, Maharaja gave Srimad Bhagavatam classes which were rich in both philosophical depth and practical realizations:

[quote]I don’t love Krsna, I’m such a rascal!” That is just impatience. You cannot love Krsna after unlimited lifetimes in the material energy. It is not so easy to shake off material limitations. It is impatience, “Oh but I don’t have these qualities and I don’t have those qualities!” Of course, you don’t have them! You’re not meant to have them, it is impossible for you to have them; you have all the bad qualities, of course! Naturally, you must have because of millions and trillions of unlimited lives in the material world. You think it goes so quick!? No. Patience, dutifulness, humility, simply applying ourselves to the process faithfully and without complaining, “I’m so fallen, I’m so fallen… I’m the most fallen!” Prabhupada said, “You’re not the most of anything![/quote]

On Wednesday afternoon (20 March), Maharaja spoke at a Bhakti Yoga Society (BYS) program held at the University of Cape Town. After a short demonstration of “mantra meditation”, Maharaja explained how the application of Vedic elements in modern day life does make sense and that it is through spirituality that we can become good human beings.

Later the same day, ISKCON Cape Town held a Vyasapuja celebration for Bhakti Tirtha Swami. Various devotees spoke in glorification of Bhakti Tirtha Swami, including Kadamba Kanana Swami and Medhavi Prabhu (ACBSP). Vraja Krsna Das (BTS) ended the celebration with a rocking kirtan.

KKS on his way to pick nickOn Thursday, a picnic was organized for BYS members from the different tertiary institutions in Cape Town. It took place at the Rhodes Memorial, a historical monument at the foothills of Table Mountain. Maharaja led a beautiful kirtan for over an hour and addressed the crowd with inspiring words on chanting and deeper spiritual practices.

On Friday evening, Maharaja was invited to the house of Medhavi Prabhu. Inspired by the presence of Medhavi Prabhu, a direct disciple of Srila Prabhupada, Maharaja decided to focus the program on Prabhupada and thus narrated pastimes of His Divine Grace, especially quoting many memories of Brahmananda:

[quote]So when this devotee said to Brahmananda, “Oh, I can see you are seeing Prabhupada as God.” Brahmananda said, “Oh no, I once made that mistake. Prabhupada is not God! Prabhupada is as good as God.” He said, “But you know, these days, these days I’m thinking Prabhupada is better than God…” So everyone was like shocked! Then he said, “Because he came to the lower east side and saved me.” And then he started crying. [/quote]

After speaking for about half an hour, Maharaja asked Medhavi Prabhu to speak, who shared some of his very wonderful realizations in connection with Srila Prabhupada. The evening concluded with kirtan.

On Saturday evening, Maharaja was invited to a Spirit Matters program held in the yoga loft at the Cape Town temple. This weekly program is usually frequented by young spiritual seekers. The topic was undefined but, after a sweet kirtan, Maharaja expertly inspired the crowd to enter deeper into spiritual life by delving into Krsna’s divine qualities.

initiation ceremony by KKSSunday turned into another busy day as shortly after the morning Caitanya Caritamrita class, Maharaja gave initiation to two elderly devotees whom he named Sadhu Carana Dasa and Sudevi Dasi. In his talk, Maharaja emphasized the importance of devotee association and also gave a detailed explanation on how to avoid the ten offences against the holy name. Later the day, Maharaja started his afternoon class with these words, “Today, on this Sunday afternoon, we are getting a taste of elements of Vedic culture.” Keeping the topic, Maharaja then explored how Vedic culture can be practical and how it is already partially applied through various concepts of the modern world like intelligent design.

Monday and Tuesday were resting days for Maharaja and he merely went on some walks along Sea Point beach and just rested in preparation for the upcoming Gaura Purnima festival.

Then Gaura Purnima arrived! Maharaja led another fantastic kirtan during the abishek (bathing ceremony) of Sri Sri Nitai Mayapur Chandra and followed-up with glorification of Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan movement. The day ended with a final arati to their Lordships which was performed by Medhavi Prabhu and a final kirtan by Vraja Krsna Prabhu.

Thus ended Maharaja’s stay in Cape Town. He then made his way to Durban to partake in the 25th anniversary of the Ratha Yatra festival.

To listen to the various classes given during this stay, please click here.

If you cannot view the slide show, please visit flickr.

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