kksblog website updates new improved

As always another round of improvements to kksblog, also in 2013, to make your blog experience even better.

Improved Security and Speed

KKSBlog is now hosted in the cloud! We are using CloudFlare to speed up the website, no matter where you are in the world. Cloudflare also offers extra security against hackers, viruses and other nasty bytes. If your computer is infected without your knowledge then our new security will warn you. And as an extra bonus, the website will display a temporary frontpage whenever the hosting is not working.

Let us know when something is not working.

New Navigation Menu

The main navigation menu has been rearranged so that you can find stuff more quickly. kksblog update menu navigation 2013

The first item Latest Posts will show you all the newest posts on one page. All other posts with audio links, photos and videos can now be found under the Posts with… menu item. Everything together. And after that you still have the More…, Downloads and other menu items.

The search bar has been moved below into the sidebar. Now its more clear and bigger so you can easily find older posts.

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