(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 5 February 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, Srimad Bhagavatam 7.10.43-44)
It’s healthy to be afraid of maya. It’s healthy to be afraid of lions too. They took a devotee in South Africa to a lion park. They were in the car and the lions were outside. It was hot and all the lions were sleeping. So this sleeping lion then comes up to the car and the devotee, for the photo, just opened the window and he started patting the lion. Crazy… cracked! Lions are ten times faster than we are and the jaws of the lion, in one bite, can bite off your head, if they want to. So that’s crazy! So some fear of lions is intelligent. Some fear of maya is intelligent. Those who are not afraid of maya are fools.

So even when we go back to the spiritual world and we’re happy with Krsna then one day we may just remember, ’Oh, there’s also a world, a material world where you can be independent and you can be lord and masters yourselves.’ And then you will say, ’No, no thank you very much. No, not interested.’ Because you remember all the suffering you went through.  So yes, we can remember that if we get involved with maya then it’s very dangerous. It can be big trouble, first it looks really good, and then it gets really bad!

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