(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 5 February 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, Srimad Bhagavatam 7.10.43-44)

boat on stormy oceanKrsna will take care of us but for the non-devotees, he takes care through his external energy. Devotees are never captured by maya. They’re under the protection of Krsna, even if they are still a little bit influenced by maya. There is a description in the scriptures about the jnana-plavena, the boat of transcendental knowledge and we should all get on board of this boat of transcendental knowledge.

So you know, after a big lecture, it sounds very convincing and you finally say, ’Yes, I will get on board on this boat of transcendental knowledge.’

But the problem is that the boat is rocking on the waves of the three modes of material nature. So, it is not so easy and the deck is very slippery and if you are not careful, there are waves coming onto the deck sometimes. So, being on the boat is not just like a picnic, you have to hold yourself. If the sea is a little rough, you don’t go stand in the front where the waves are coming on the deck.

So, in the beginning of spiritual life, when we first get on board of the boat and we don’t get a cabin yet, we are deck passengers and it’s slippery. The shocks are strong; the modes of material nature; they shock our lives. Sometimes, a devotee goes over board. Lifeboats and everything to save him.

So like this, in the beginning, it can be a little difficult to stay on the boat of transcendental knowledge; maya is still shaking us. But after sometime, they give you a the cabin, then you are very comfortable in your cabin and you don’t worry so much anymore about material energy.

In the beginning, in spiritual life, you see maya, ‘Oh no, take it away!’ So like this, in the beginning, we maybe a little bit weak but with time, we become strong if we faithfully follow the process. And the materialist, they are out there in the ocean with the sharks and the materialists will suffer a lot!


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