(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 13 March 2013, Mayapur, India, Srimad Bhagavatam 4.30.17)

KirtanMela-Mayapura_Logo_04fWe had so many festivals but the kirtan mela has become an element of the festival that will never leave, I guarantee it!  It cannot leave anymore because we are already terribly attached to it. We already want it again.  I am already thinking, “Well, I guess I am coming next year and probably the year after that also because that attachment will grow.” It will grow bigger and it will be in that big temple.  And the power will grow, the absorption will grow and we don’t know what we will see, what will happen.  When we sometimes read the stories of Bhakti Ratnakar, we see how in the kirtans of Narrotama dasa Thakura suddenly the Panca tattva appear, they are there, they are dancing with the devotees and everyone is swept up in ecstasy. And then they disappeared and all the devotes cried rivers of tears so much that the ground became muddy.  What to say!  Miracles!  Miracles happened and miracles will happen. Miracles happened, miracles are happening and more miracles to come.  Make sure you are around to be part of the fun.  Don’t miss out.


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