(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 February 2013, Vrndavan, India, Caitanya Caritamrta Seminar 1)

Golden-GaurangaWhenever we speak about an incarnation of God, we need a miracle, “And he walked on water…” There must be miracles. And in the case of Lord Caitanya, yes, there were so many miracles. From day one, miracles were there.

Mother Saci saw celestial beings before his appearance. And in the house, when Nimai was still a baby, they used to hear the tinkling of ankle-bells and the sound of the running footsteps of a child, and they couldn’t figure it out. Finally Jagannatha Misra concluded that it was the saligram sila! That makes sense! Doesn’t your saligram sila do that? (laughter!)

Anyway, that was more logical than anything else. After all, the saligram sila is the Supreme Lord. It couldn’t be Nimai obviously – he was just a baby anyway. He couldn’t even walk!

Then they saw the footprints in the house. Footprints with the mark of Vishnu – thunderbolt, barleycorn, lotus – everything was there and then they saw the same marks on Nimai’s feet. So miracles were there.


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