(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 13 March 2013, Mayapur, India, Srimad Bhagavatam 4.30.17)

kaliyugaIt is kaliyuga, an ocean of faults! Sometimes devotees come together and have some kaliyuga katha, “Oh, you know, it’s really bad out there!  Oh yeah!  So bad! Things that they are eating; the things that they are doing. We get into kaliyuga.” 

Once, I was in Karoli where the deity of Madana Mohan is and I said the same thing to the pujari.  I said, “You are in such a nice place. You don’t know what it’s like out there, kaliyuga.”

He said, “Yeah kaliyuga. There are a thousand kaliyugas in a day of Brahma. They come and go very quick.”

He wasn’t impressed by kaliyuga but we are because we are affected by kaliyuga, we feel the burden of kaliyuga within our hearts. One devotee told me, “I stopped chanting. I just have no taste, no taste.”

Yeah well, that is ok. The first reason why we are chanting is for purification.  If we cannot with taste then let us chant out of fear, fear of hell! I am sorry to say but let us chant out of fear of hell and lets look for some purification. There is a  hell as described in the fifth canto.

The telephone rang in the temple and I usually never pick it up because I am a visitor. It was at ten o’ clock at night and I just picked it up. This lady goes, “It’s not true!  It’s not true! That all my family is going to hell.

I said, “Okay, calm down lady! Calm down! Start at the beginning, not at the end.” Someone had given her the book A Second Chance and she read it. As you can understand, it is kind of a heavy book. So chant! If you have no taste then chant for purification. That is the first step. It can root out, agham dhunvanti kartsnyena niharam iva bhaskarah (SB 6.1.15), it roots out the sins from the heart, from the very root, for good. So that is good. Then we become attracted with time and more and more attracted and finally krsna kirtana gana nartana parau premamrtambho nidhi (Sad Goswami Astakam Verse 1). Eventually, we will experience that this chanting is like an ocean of transcendental love!


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