(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9 April 2013, Pretoria, South Africa, Disciple meeting)

JAS AND KKSJayadvaita Maharaja is Prabhupada’s intimate instrument. He had a very important role as the editor of the books. The books that we all read, the books that we depend on, the books that we all fully accept – he is the one who gave the final shape to those books. Because sometimes, if you look at the manuscripts of the recordings of Prabhupada, sometimes it was very simple. He said, “Sometimes he just spoke in codes and did not even give the full translations but just gave the points.” And then the editor has to make it into a sentence. So, the role of the editor is truly very important. Pradyumna was the Sanskrit editor and Jayadvaita Maharaja was the English editor.

So Jayadvaita Maharaja blessed me so much. And how did he bless me the most was by having faith in me. You see, if someone has faith in you, if someone thinks that you can do things that you yourself are not so sure that you can, then you start to do better. You start to sort of live up to that and you amaze yourself. You never thought you could do it but somehow or other, he put this faith in me, gave me many responsibilities that were way over my head, and helped me by his example.


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