KKS in Hare Krsna CentreKadamba Kanana Swami spent the last week in Korsnas Gard (Krsna’s Garden) at the BBT headquarters in Sweden, close to Scandinavia’s capital, Stockholm. Maharaja gave daily Bhagavatam classes there in the morning and in the evenings, he made his way to the Hare Krsna Centre in the middle of Stockholm to participate in other programs. On Friday (19 April), the focus was on Lord Ramachandra’s appearance. In the morning, Maharaja lectured from the ninth canto of the Bhagavatam, where Lord Ramachandra’s pastimes are described. Later that day, a small program was held where stories of Lord Rama were told and ecstatic bhajans where led by Maharaja.

On Saturday (20 April), Bhaktin Romina received initiation and was named Rajani Devi Dasi. Maharaja explained that the meaning of Rajani is darkness or night, and in that way is connected with Krsna’s most intimate pastimes. However, the real importance of that name is that it was the name of Srila Prabhupada’s mother, who, with a son like Srila Prabhupada, was certainly an extraordinary personality.

On Sunday (21 April), the official celebration of Rama Navami took place on a big scale. The evening started off with a rocking kirtan session by Maharaja. Later, the local devotees performed a wonderful play, emphasizing Lord Ramachandra’s incredible merciful nature, followed by another class by Maharaja focusing on various pastimes of the Ramayana.


Please find below classes and kirtans by Kadamba Kanana Maharaja during this stay. To download them, just right-click on each title and “save target as”.

Lectures in Korsnas Gard

KKS – SB 9.10.2 – 19 April 2013 in Korsnas Gard, Stockholm

KKS – SB 1.17.1 – 20 April 2o13 in Korsnas Gard, Stockholm

KKS – SB 1.17.2 – 21 April 2013 in Korsnas Gard, Stockholm

Lectures in the Hare Krishna Centre, Stockholm

KKS – BG 10.9 – 19 April 2013 in Stockholm

KKS – Initiation Lecture – 20 April 2013 in Stockholm

KKS – Sb. 9.10.23 – 21 April 2013 in Stockholm


KKS – Kirtan – 19 April 2013 in Stockholm

KKS – Kirtan – 21 April 2013 in Stockholm


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