(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9 April 2013, Pretoria, South Africa, Disciple meeting)

sp samadhi mayapurSo, what I would like is that our relationship goes beyond formality. My intention and my duty as the spiritual master, and my desire as a person, is to help all of you and other people, with spiritual life. I don’t know how it happened but I got so much mercy somehow or other. I got so many years of the holy dhama, I got so much important service to do and therefore, I got a lot of mercy and that I can share with you. Such mercy is a source of strength.

But I was also tested many times just as you are tested because it is like that in spiritual life; we all get tested, everyone. I got tested in my service, when I was asked to do a service which I didn’t like. It was in this Mayapur samadhi construction that I had to find marble in the desert of Rajasthan. It’s an intense place; I spent the hottest day of my life in that desert at fifty-nine degrees. It was really hot but the people were ice cold because why else would anyone live in a desert that is fifty-nine degrees hot? For one reason, because there are marble lines there and because they make money.

So these people are so obsessed with making money, they are even willing to live in hell for it. That’s basically how it is. So I had to deal with these people, the residence of hell and they were so determined to get my money, Prabhupada’s money, and I had to be more determined that they were not getting it. God, what a fight!  Meanwhile, the mosque was right next to our room, with a huge speaker. It was intense, what a place! So there were tests – difficult things in service and somehow or other, we struggled through it. And by struggling through the service, we get some strength and it can help you with your struggles because everybody has struggles, that is how it is. You don’t get it just on a silver platter, ‘Krsna consciousness is so easy. It is so inspiring.’ Sometimes but not all the time; it is a struggle also but I can help, because we struggled!


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