kks durban april 2013Kadamba Kanana Swami spent the first few days following Durban Ratha Yatra in recuperation, taking occasional walks along Durban’s beachfront and also connecting with the local devotees. On Thursday (4 April), he gave the morning Srimad Bhagavatam class, highlighting  how the Bhagavatam is the essence of all Vedic scriptures.

“Srimad Bhagavatam is complete knowledge of the Absolute Truth. It is not that there is anything lacking. All aspects of the truth are there within Srimad Bhagavatam. It is complete!”

On Friday afternoon, Maharaja made his way to Phoenix to pay a visit to one of his most elderly disciples, Indrabhatta Prabhu who will be celebrating his 75th birthday this week. Later that day, Maharaja did a program at the New Jagannatha Puri temple in Phoenix. After a long stretch of rocking kirtan, he lectured briefly on the glories of Krsna.

[quote]Krsna comes down to steal the heart! He is Hari. Oh yes, he is a thief. Srila Visnavatha Cakravati Thakur points it out – Krsna is not only stealing butter, it doesn’t stop there, it goes much further. He says that Krsna steals the sight of those who look at him. Krsna makes people blind. He makes people deaf! After hearing about Krsna, what else can we hear, what else can we still be interested in!? The more we hear about Krsna, the more all other interest just dies out. It’s all just bleak, meaningless… What is the point of anything but Krsna?![/quote]

Saturday began with another Bhagavatam class at the temple in Durban where he stressed that there is a price to pay to go back to Godhead which is to serve our spiritual master!  In the afternoon, Maharaja travelled to Johannesburg. His first program there was the weekly Sunday midday program at Lenasia temple where he spoke from the Caitanya Caritamrita on the famous verse kali kale nama rupe krsna avatara. He mentioned that it is said that in this age of kali, the Lord will appear in every house. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu only appeared in Navadvip, in the Yoga Pitha, and not in every house! First expanding on the glories of Mayapur Dhama, Maharaja then concluded that the Lord did appear in every house, in his incarnation as the holy names.

kks_pta disciple program“The holy name is the incarnation of Krsna appearing in this age. And that holy name of Krsna appeared and it is said, that when we associate with the holy name, we associate directly with Krsna. Where there is Krsna, there is the Dhama and the spiritual world and thus just by chanting the holy name, we are already in the spiritual world!”

On Monday, a disciple program was organized at the Pretoria temple. After sweet bhajans led by Kesava Bharati Prabhu, Maharaja spoke intimately about his role as a spiritual master as well as his goals and desires for preaching in this country.


This signaled the end of the visit to South Africa and now Maharaja has travelled on to Europe.

Audio recordings

KKS – SB. 12.13.10 – 04 April 2013 in Durban

KKS – Lecture – 05 April 2013 in Phoenix

KKS – SB. 12.13.12 – 06 April 2013 in Durban

KKS – CC. Adi. 17.22 – 07 April 2013 in Lenasia

KKS – Disciple Meeting – 09 April 2013 in Pretoria


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