(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 March 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 8.12.6)

btsBhakti Tirtha Maharaja, in his span of 55 years has shown us a life of dedication. The more we trace it back – at the end he stood out so effulgent to all. The more you trace out the earlier life, then you see that he was always extremely dedicated – always preaching with great faith and enthusiasm behind the iron curtain, in the days when things were very tight. With courage, trusting in Krsna and Prabhupada’s library party, trying to get his books in many of the libraries in the communist countries.  A risky affair, you know, and the jails are not so nice over there, not nice at all but somehow or other, he was very courageous.

Also in early spiritual life, he showed great determination – sleeping less, chanting more, eating less. Someone said, ‘Why are you eating less? Why are you sleeping less? Why are you chanting more?’

He said, ‘I am very fallen, so I have to make a special endeavour, nonetheless what is my chance?’

So this spirit all of us should have. We should have that spirit to make
special endeavour.


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