A big festival like the Vyasa-puja and the Queensday is impossible without your help. Our organizers are doing an amazing job to pull this festivals through. All guest accommodation is being arranged by Savitri devi dasi, The kitchen crew under lead by Parama Karuna is preparing an amazing feast. Our steady fundraiser Gopali devi dasi is doing an incredible job. And the crew in Amsterdam are making sure we have a place to rest, to take prasadam and to take care of you nicely during the Queensday Harinam.

So lots of people are involved. But it is never enough. We need you also. There are still enough services that need to be covered. So here is your change. Put your name on the list. Go ahead and join our organizers in helping out.

Visit the VP 2013 Service list and add your name.


Please add your name as a Team Member. If you want you can put your name as a Team Leader. But then you need to take charge of that particular service.

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